Dealing With Change – “The Great Unknown”

Dealing With Change – “The Great Unknown”

Ever been terrified of something but you want to do it anyway?

Well today is that day for me!

After years of reading inspiring blogs from some amazing people, I have decided to record some of my own thoughts and feelings and share them with others (cheesy right?!). I hope that one day I can bring a smile to someones face, whether that is because they actually enjoy reading my blog or just laughing at it…

This was a really big decision for me, I am not usually someone who speaks their mind or opens my life up for people to make judgement. Change is one of the main things that triggers my anxieties, especially things that I cannot control. Hopefully, by writing this blog I can escape some of my worries. So, this is it! My blog. Everything to do with me, Chessie.

It’s good for people to talk about things. I recently made a new friend who has similar worries to me. She may not realise it but opening up to her and exchanging tips on how to deal with…well life in general really, was a fantastic way for me to learn new ways to overcome daily struggles. In fact, she is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog.  Even though I have only known her for a week-or-so, she has inspired me to write and she is LITERALLY an amazing blogger, go check her blog out here.

I’m not a very independent person, I moved away to Plymouth University when I was 18 (and still clinging to the slightly sad fact that my mum was my best friend). It was a huge eye-opener for me! I have never lived in a place before where it was acceptable to go to the supermarket in your pj’s and binge-watch the food network channel between lectures… yes, I did both of these in my second year thanks to my housemates! Not very wild I know but for little-old-me it’s a big deal. Still, uni was life-changing for me. Living far away from home and having to actually socialise and make new friends was scary…but I survived.


I am now currently living in Cardiff, undertaking my placement year. Another massive change for me, but yet I still live to tell the tale! I’ve made some amazing friends for life and even though it’s been an emotional rollercoaster, it’s taught me so much.


So. My lesson for you is, don’t be afraid of change. I know that it can be frightening but some change is good, trust me.

“Do one thing every day that scares you” – Dr Seuss 


Francesca. x


p.s. let me know if you have overcome a fear recently, no matter how small!

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