How to Declutter for Spring

How to Declutter for Spring

How is it the 4th of March already?? Spring is only 16 days away and yet it’s still snowing in some parts of the UK… come on weather, sort yourself out! When people think of Spring they think sunshine, daffodils and maybe being able to leave the house without 50 layers on (fingers crossed!). But me being me, I think of spring cleaning! Doesn’t every 21-year-old? Anyway, I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to declutter your house to make way for everything you will probably purchase in the easter sales! Enjoy…


1). Clean cupboards and throw away any out of date items!

2). Sort through cleaning products and throw away any empties

3). Clean fridge and wash drawers, throwing away anything out of date (jars are normally the main culprits!)

4). Go through your mug collection and take any unwanted items to a charity shop (I am known to be a mug hoarder so don’t worry if you can’t bear to part with any of them!)

5). Try to declutter any gadgets that you don’t need/use and donate them

6). Defrost your freezer and sort through items, some items should only be kept for 2-3 months!


1). Donate old DVDs that you never watch – most things can now be found online or on TV anyway!

2). If you have any books that you’ve read once but probably won’t read again, consider donating them or taking part in a book swap!

3). If you have any old electronics or gaming consoles, try selling them for a bit of extra money!

4). Declutter ornaments and donate them


1). Throw away any old pillows that are worn or have become uncomfortable and lumpy

2). Donate any old duvet covers and pillowcases that you no longer use

3). Sort your clothes into piles: things you wear regularly, things you hardly wear but still want to keep, things that no longer fit or don’t suit you and things that are ripped or aren’t in good condition. Consider selling or donating the clothes that no longer fit and throw away the items that are in bad shape. Try to do this every 6 months to keep on top of your wardrobe!

4). Sort through your shoes and sell or donate any that you no longer wear

5). Sort through your underwear drawer – we all have that odd sock or uncomfortable pair of pants shoved in the back!

6). Declutter your scarf collection! I’m a big scarf hoarder so I know it’s tough but you can always buy more… kind of defeats the point but who cares?!


1). Throw away any out of date toiletries (remember to check if you can recycle the packaging!)

2). Sort through make-up, throwing away any out of date items and donating any unused items (check your local women’s shelter to see if they take make-up)

3). Throw away your old toothbrush or save it to use for cleaning!

4). Sort through nail polish and throw away any dried up ones and donate any that you don’t use

5). Check your medicine cabinet/drawer – these items do expire and don’t work as effectively, especially creams and lotions!

I hope these tips help you to declutter in time for Spring!




p.s. do you have any tips for decluttering?





  1. Gemma March 4, 2018 / 7:51 pm

    I love this post! It’s definitely made me realise that I might actually need to go through everything. I do find spring cleaning to be very relaxing. Out with the old in with the new as they say!

    Gemma |

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