Giraffe World Kitchen – THE place to eat this summer!*

“the katsu chicken is just like Wagamama’s but better!” 

Hello lovelies, hope you’re enjoying this heatwave – unfortunately for me, it’s been a bit too hot so I’m glad of this cooler weather! A way I like to enjoy the sunshine though is to meet up with friends and have a good ol’ catch up, with good food, good cocktails and good gossip – here’s where Giraffe World Kitchen comes in…

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22 Things I’ve Learnt in 22 Years

Today is my 22nd birthday so I thought it would be a good time to start getting back into blogging! I’ve been super busy but I won’t bore you with the details – well not until I write a blog post on it (soz babez)!. Here’s a list of things that I’ve learnt in my 22 years on this crazy planet, enjoy!

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Saying Goodbye to Life as a Student*

That’s it, it’s all over… not to be dramatic or anything but yeah I’ve officially finished my time at university and am starting a new chapter in my life! It’s crazy to think that four years have flown by and now it’s time for me to be a ‘proper’ adult. I’ve spent the last few days exploring because it turns out that I haven’t actually been to very many places besides the uni campus! I thought I’d share with you my uni experience and try to give some tips on how to survive being a student, from budgeting tips to studying!

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Homeware Bits I’m Lusting After

So yeah, I finish uni soon and I’ve recently secured a flat and I’m so excited to a). stop living in a tiny box room where I basically sleep in my kitchen… b). to finally have an oven (seriously, it’s been chaos) and a bath (yes I’m going to go mad in Lush!) and c). be able to make it my own and fill it with LOTS of houseplants! I thought I’d share with you some homeware bits that I’m lusting after, enjoy!

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